Panda Riding Lunch?

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You may be wondering what on Earth i’m talking about, and no it doesn’t ‘really’ have anything to do with pandas. What I wanted to direct your attention to is this vid made by Durianrider. I didn’t know you could make bikes out of banboo:


Super Saiyan Goku

Goku is from an anime called Dragon ball, he is knowning for being a feared yet loved SSJ Gokufighter in the the Dragon ball uninverse. His special move is the the Kamehame-Ha which is I a blast of life energy called Kai (A.K.A “Chi”). The Spirit Bomb is Goku’s signiture finishing moved known to only harm those who are not pure of heart.



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Another Practice Vlogg

This of course is another vlogg to recap my memo on how to create a web vlogg… funny:

1). Create a new vlogg: Post -> Add New

2). Enter Title and Text

3). search for image -> save as

4). Enter name and location (desktop)

5). Drag image from desktop -> Text box:

Shiny shiny





6). Then there you go 🙂


Adding a Catagory:

Catagories are designed to state what the post is under/ themed around, makes it easier to find…. I thing.